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Our Services

Self erecting tower crane at Strathcona refinery

At YEG Crane Service, we go above and beyond to try and deliver a comprehensive list of services, for our clients. We know, that with every construction project that is carried out, the individual needs and specifics can be widely different. Aside from just being in one specific sector, each project has a different size, location, timeframe and of course, a different need for a crane. This is all to familiar to us and so, we have tailored our capabilities to it. We do more than your typical crane rental company and make sure that we see our clients through their job, every step of the way.

When hiring a crane from us, you will be able to choose between our multiple different styles and manufacturers. You will no doubt be able to find a machine, which best suits your project and fulfils your needs the most. And, it would go without saying, that we will provide you with the necessary consultation and guidance to reach that point. We’ll assist you with the selection of the right model, as well as the entire transport and rigging process. Following this, if you need assistance with the important compliance work, any inspections or even with operating the cranes themselves, know that you can turn to us at any moment. As you can see, we don’t miss a step in the crane usage process and will be there to guide you until the end, through our following services:

  • Crane Rental
  • Inspection
  • Rigging
  • Maintenance
  • Operators
  • 3D Lift Planning