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About YEG Crane Service

An experienced crane hire company

YEG Crane Service are the best friend of anyone working in the construction industry, in Edmonton, Alberta. We are a professional crane company, supplying many rental options and a long list of related services. Our team are known for supplying reliable machines, of top-quality and acting as a diligent and responsible provider of them. Working closely with each of our clients, we have been able to analyze their needs and tailor our solutions to them. It has meant that we have had a real positive impact on many construction projects, across residential, commercial and infrastructure sectors; benefiting each in their own way.

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to playing our small part towards improving the overall construction industry, in Edmonton. Our cranes have been, and continue to be, widely used by many local construction firms and that makes us feel a responsibility to be making sure that they’re the best that they can be. We want to be able to say, to each of our clients, that we can guarantee the safety, security and dependable functionality of every model that we rent out. That is why, we do more than just loan out machines and take the money. We take real authority for every aspect of crane use, carrying out inspections and evaluations, in line with the legal standards, and even going as far as to manage operations, if our clients request. YEG Crane Service is a team that you can put your trust in, when you need any crane related services.