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Crane Rental

Steel erection construction in St. Albert, Alberta

In the city of Edmonton, the construction industry is booming and that is showing across various different sectors. From real estate to infrastructure to commercial buildings, the speed at which the industry is expanding is very positive. If you are someone who is operating in the construction industry, you will know all too well, that opportunities are presenting themselves, years after year. So that you are best able to capitalize on projects when they arise, you should know who can supply you with the tools and machinery that you need. When confronting any large endeavour, perhaps in commercial construction or certain areas of infrastructure, a crane may be necessary to your success. If that is the case, you will be looking for a reputable company to loan you a professional crane and for that, there is only one team for the job. Contact YEG Crane Service, when you need a top lifting machine, and get the best quality for the lowest prices.

Liebherr mobile crane in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Mobile Crane

A mobile crane is any type of crane, which is capable of moving from one location to another, without help from another machine. Varying in size, these can range from a small and more compact crane, to a large and heavy-duty one. It will be mounted on either a set of wheels or on crawlers, from which it will be able to freely move around various types of terrain. When you make use of any sort of mobile crane, you know that you will be making use of the most flexible option, as well as the quickest to set up. We provide a number of different mobile cranes for your rental and will be happy to help you in selecting the one, which is most suitable for your project.

Rough Terrain Crane

If you are working outside of the city and perhaps on a rougher patch of land, you need a crane which is able to manage the job. An all terrain train is the perfect one for this, mounted on a number of heavy-duty wheels. Whether you are working on a rocky piece of ground or are trying to lift something in icy conditions, this will be the machine for.

Grove rt crane for off road construction
Tower crane, building erection

Tower Crane

Ideal for the largest construction projects that are made, tower cranes are the tallest and strongest type of crane in the world. They are a long-term option, being set up to serve the sites of serious builds. Hiring one of our tower cranes means that you supply your self the very best, ongoing solution to your needs for high and heavy lifting.

steel erection with a tower crane T5G 0V4
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Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes are one of those types of mobile crane, mounted on a set of crawler tracks. They provide a lot of flexibility with their movement, as they traverse level terrain well and navigate construction sites with ease. They require very little set up and come naturally supplied with a stable basis, to begin lifting from. Additionally, in using a crawler crane, you will be able to move around, whilst carrying loads, opening a number of possibilities and conveniences on any construction site.