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Crane Maintenance & Repair

maintaining and repairing a Grove 640 Nisku Alberta

As with any other machine, cranes can experience mechanical difficulties and breakdown. It can really be a hindrance to your construction project and can even end up halting the process, altogether. We know how important it is to you, to get the crane back up and running again, as quickly as possible and that is why we are on hand to help. When you need maintenance works carrying out for your crane, we will be there at the earliest opportunity. We will come and carry out our systematic maintenance checks, to identify any underlying issues or the potential for others to arise. In using our maintenance service, you know that you can guarantee reliable functionality and the safety of you and your staff.

Maintenance Callouts
We are always available for maintenance callouts, aiming to serve each one in the shortest amount of time possible. It is essential that this is a quick service, so that you can get your working operations back on track, as quickly as you can. Therefore, when you get in contact with us for this service, we will prioritize your case and have a technician dispatch at the next available time. That means, we can deliver our comprehensive maintenance service, whilst you lose the minimum time from your project.

Crane Repairs
Following on from the maintenance inspection, if we deem the machine to have problems which are in need of fixing, it is an absolutely necessity that it is repaired. Simply put, it is a danger to human health and life, if a crane is being used without being fully operational. That is why, when we recommend you crane repairs, we ensure that you organize it right away. We contact our trusted local partners, to come and supply top quality replacement parts and to complete the job to the highest standard. You can be sure that, after a repairs job through us, the crane will be better that it was before and will be more able to serve you.

Occupational Health and Safety Standards
One aspect of crane maintenance, that cannot be overlooked, is that everything must be in line with the standards set by Occupation Health and Safety. In Alberta, the word of OHS is bond and absolutely must be followed, if a business is to operate legally and responsibly. We aspire to both of these things, for both ourselves and our clients, and that is why we are serious about the standards that they outline. If anything does not match them, we simply not be able to allow your project to continue, until they do, once more.

Reduced Risk and Costs
Whilst it may seem tedious and longwinded, responsible crane maintenance is in your best interests. Staying on top of any maintenance and repairs work means that you reduce the risks and hazardous involved, meaning that you keep yourself and your employees safer. Additionally, taking care of necessary maintenance when it is needed, means that you avoid the high costs that come with more extensive repairs, further down the line.